Esk Valley Lodge offers superior bed and breakfast accommodation in Napier Hwkes Bay New Zealand
Esk Valley Lodge offers superior bed and breakfast accommodation in Napier Hwkes Bay New Zealand







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The Vineyard

The Vines around Esk Valley Lodge were planted in 2003  and our first vintage was in March 2006  when we harvested 33 tonnes of grapes.

  These are the vines after 6 months.  The green sleeves protect the young shoots from damage.
Most of the grapes are harvested by machine which is much cheaper than hand picking.

This is the Harvester machine in the middle of the Sauvignon block

The machine empties the grapes into the "Gondola"  behind the tractor


The Gondola then empties the grapes into the waiting truck

This is inside the harvesting machine.  The vibrating bars knock the grapes off the vines leaving the stems behind

Some grapes have to be picked by hand

In autumn the grape vines take on a myriad of colours that depends on Variety and soil

There are approximately 8000 vines of Sauvignon Blanc

There are 4000 Riesling (next to Western side of House).  Riesling is a small compact bunch

And 2000 Semillon (in block to East of House). 

Please feel free to wander around the vines  and try the grapes (from February on).  Contrary to many expectations,  wine grapes are delicious to eat.   Much sweeter and juicier than table varieties.  After trying some of our grapes you WILL  need to wash your hands from all the sticky juice!

Plucking and Tucking!

 If you want a guided tour and an explanation of grape growing ask Eileen or Jes.  You can have a go at Plucking and Tucking  in summer or pruning  in winter.


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