Esk Valley Lodge offers superior bed and breakfast accommodation in Napier Hawkes Bay New Zealand
Esk Valley Lodge offers superior bed and breakfast accommodation in Napier Hawkes Bay New Zealand






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The Gardens of Esk Valley Lodge

Esk Valley Lodge is set in nearly 7 Hectares (18 Acres).  About 5 Hectares are leased out for Apricots  and Gingko growers.  The rest is for orchards  and ornamental gardens. 

The orchard (to the east of the house)  contains a wide variety of fruit including  6 kinds of Apple,7 kinds of Pear,7 kinds of Plum, 5 kinds of Peach,5 varieties of Apricot, 3 Varieties of Nectarine, 2 Varieties of Cherry, 4 varieties of Orange, 3 varieties of Mandarin, 2 sorts of lemon, 2 varieties of Lime, 3 Kinds of Olive, 2 types of grapefruit  plus Blackcurrants,  Almonds,  Chestnuts,  Greengages,  gooseberries, White Sapote.

Guests are invited to wander the orchard and pick fruit as desired.  The trees are grown without the use of artificial sprays  so can be eaten straight off the tree.

Please enjoy the pictures below which can of course only give you a part of the pleasure of the gardens.

Click on any picture for a larger version.

House from Lawn

Looking up the valley over junipers

Birdbath used by Tuis and Bellbirds

Tui feeding on nectar from Flax flowers

Dovecote and Day lilies



A cherry tree by the Lawn

Another cherry

Path by kitchen

Passage through the hedge

Roxy waking up

Front steps of house

Old Farm Gate

Under the Nashi trees

Potato vine and Fairy rose arbour

The passage to the Nashi pears

The boule (petanque) court.

Wedding in grounds

Another wedding

Jazz band at wedding

Nashi Pears in spring ...........

...and Autumn

Persimmons in May


Plum tree

The grapefruit tree

The old red barn

Vegetable garden

Someone has to mow it all.


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