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Our Code Of Care For Our Part Of New Zealand

At Esk Valley Lodge we believe in protecting the wonderful environment of our country. We understand that all businesses create environmental and social impact through their activities.   Due to our rural location – and consequent lack of city services – sustainability is not an option but a necessity.    Through our efforts we are proud to be associated with Organic Explorer  ( ) and Ecohotels of the world  (

 Here are some of the ways we are being active in maintaining our clean and green New Zealand environment

Our Food

·         Our bacon is from a free range local pig (from  just up Hill Rd) and is cured locally and our eggs are from our own chickens

·    The majority of our fruit and vegetables – from Rhubarb to Orange juice – comes from our own plants.

·   The jams, honeys and chutneys are overwhelmingly from local Esk Valley or Hawkes Bay producers.

·    We buy other food e.g honeys, sauces, cheeses in  bulk and refill our own containers to reduce waste packaging

Our Water

·         The water supply is collected from  rainwater on the roof.  It is then twice filtered and treated with UV light without the use of chemicals.

·         To conserve water toilets are fitted with a dual flush system and showers are low throughput.

·         Waste water passes into septic tank system and eventually finds its way into the garden.

·         We use natural and biodegradable cleaners  and detergents

·         We use Enjo and other micro fibre cleaning fibres to reduce chemical use.


Our Waste

·         Tins, glass, plastics, paper  and cardboard are all recycled ;

·    The chickens and worm farm love the scraps from the kitchen Bulk vegetable matter and garden waste composted and returned to the garden.

·    We purchase materials with minimal wrapping.

The net result is that only a half filled rubbish bag is produced each week.  Our guests can help by putting newspapers, bottles, cans and leaflets alongside the bins in the room or in a separate bin for later recycling..

 Our Energy

·         Our hot water tank is heated by the log burner in winter.

·    We use renewable home grown wood for our two wood burners and energy efficient heat pumps in the rest of the house.

·    Incandescent bulbs are being replaced by CFL and other low energy bulbs where possible.

·    The great majority of our washing is ‘air-dry’ – outside and/or in.

·    We monitor energy use electronically through the “Centameter” and manual readings.

The net result of this is that our Carbon Footprint (as measured by CarboNZero ) for the year ending 31 May 2008 was just over 3 tons of C02,  and 2.8 tons for  31 May 2009.

Our guests can help by turning of lights, TV s and other appliances when not in use.

Our Environment

·         We encourage bird and insect life by planting suitably and steering away from harmful chemical use in the garden.

·    We use mechanical cultivation to control weeds and preserve the soil structure.

·    We use recycled wood products.  The vast majority of the wooden features in Esk Valley Lodge including the wardrobes, bookshelves and tables are made from recycled Rimu (native New Zealand wood) and much of it was from the wood recovered in the renovations 5 years ago.

     We reduce some adverse effects through buying wisely, locally if possible which in a very small way reduces carbon emissions from transport and also using resources efficiently and disposing of waste responsibly.

·    We have a commitment to improving our environmental performance in every area of our business.

     We think before we buy.
     We think before we use.
    We think before we discard.


      So   all in all we are doing are best to conserve our environment.  However, we’re sure we can do better – so any suggestions you may have would be welcome!



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